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Mobile Video Boss Review – Video Marketing App

Mobile Video Boss Review

I bet every internet marketer must have some software in their Computer or Laptop. But how would it be if you have a professional smartphone Video Shooting, Editing, & Publishing.
It supports both Iphone and Andriod.

Let’s Dive into Mobile Video Boss

Features of Mobile Video Boss

Visual Story Telling
With this cool application, you can easily make visual stories that are engaging. Stories can be good enough to make your products more appealing and it will also engage your customers.
Which will result in increased profit for you easily.The best part here is that it can be done by your smartphone.

Script Writing
One of the most complex task in video marketing is Script writing. But with this Application you don’t have to be the best script writter.
This awesome app do all difficult task and teach you how to make script for your video.It is the first task for you to make script, without script you can’t even make video.

Mobile Video Shooting
Now with this app, you don’t need professional equipment.In this software, they’ll also teach you to learn how to shoot videos professionally using a smartphone and minimum equipment.
With this app, video marketing becomes easy.

Mobile Screen Recording
One of the most searched in google is How to record on your screen. This feature has been around for some time but it is a difficult task to be done.
With this Mobile Video Boss, you just have to open the app, start the recording and save it when you’re finished.
There are many apps in marketplace which are free of cost, but main problem with them is watermark and advertisements.

Mobile Video Editing
Video editing is one of the hardest tasks that a device can do. Even on computers, to edit your videos it is difficult to do beacause it needs good specifications. With your smartphone it would really be difficult.
But with this One-in-all app you can easily do video editing.

Mobile Video Publishing
Forget that old time when you have to publish your video on computer. With Mobile Video Boss you can publish the movie that you will make.

Slow Motion
So what are the features of MBV Professional Video Shooting, Editing, & Publishing. But that’s not all.
You can easily make slow motion videos.That’s amazing feature for a Video editing software.

According to Wikipedia, Hyperlapse (also walklapse, spacelapse, stop-motion time-lapse, motion timelapse, moving timelapse) is an exposure technique in time-lapse photography, in which the position of the camera is being changed between each exposure in order to create a tracking shot in timelapse sequences.

Special Effects
There are ton of special effects available in this application. You can easily customize your videos by adding cool effects.


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There are also OTO of this software with which you can create Video backups.
This is one-in-all application,with it killer features that are story telling, script writing and storyboarding, video shooting, screen recording, editing, slow motion,time-lapse and awesome special effects.

The vendor of this product had already made awesome software Video Rubix.
Also two video creation courses Motion Ads and Vidtasia. All of their training were huge success.


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